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Diversity in Engineering Finalists 2022

Sponsored by Preformed Windings

Houghton International

From our systems to our culture, Houghton International seeks to increase diversity and promote inclusion in everything we do. Through our comprehensive policies, processes and employee support initiatives, we strive to provide equal opportunities for employment and progression, supporting our employees to achieve their goals. We offer an award-winning apprenticeship scheme and engage with schools and young people to promote diversity within our industry by engaging and inspiring the next generation of engineers.


Rotamec, an expert engineering solutions and service provider are fully committed to diversity in the workplace. Rotamec is actively encouraging women to work in engineering roles, as well as business operations, alongside men. This starts with engagement with schools and colleges through to flexible working conditions to support working parents. Equality of opportunity and its female workforce together play a key role delivering the company’s 24/7 service in the repair and supply of motors, gearboxes, and industrial equipment.

SDS Drives

Founded by engineers for engineers, SDS Ltd has been driving excellence in industrial automation and process control since 1996.  Since its inception, SDS has lived and operated by its founders’, Vina Panchal and Pravin Panchal’s, core company values, which the team know as ‘RAPTER’. RAPTER, which stands for Respect, Accountability, Passion, Teamwork, Excellence and Results, embodies, and defines the working environment at SDS. As well as being owned 100% by an ethnic minority and persons of colour, SDS employ and inspire a team who are 40% of ethnic origin, 48% female, aged between 21 to 60 years old, who collectively speak 5 languages, and have 1 LBGTQ member. SDS is truly representative and reflective of an industry that we want for the next generation. With diversity of talent, comes the diversity of thought that is needed to solve the challenges and drive the innovations of the future in our industry.

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