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Product of the Year Finalists 2022

Sponsored by P&WE

EMiR Software: EMiR-Cloud

The EMiR-Cloud allows a business to move all the company’s software to a hosted platform including any configuration of EMiR, Email accounts and Microsoft Office for the entire company and any other application which helps you do business. These may include three-dimensional drawing programs, configuration software from trusted suppliers or HR software, the choice is yours. EMiR-Cloud offers customers a flexible, secure, safe and fast way to access information without the need to have the physical presence of a server, thus, enabling employees to securely access business critical information from anywhere at any time.​

Nidec Control Techniques: Commander S

Commander S is the ground-breaking new micro drive from Control Techniques, the drive specialists. Utilising NFC technology, this little drive is the first to come with an app interface (Marshal) as a standard feature, revolutionising commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics, and support at no extra cost. With a feature set optimised for simple applications, the award-winning Commander S provides a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug and play convenience straight from the box.

Preformed Windings: QualCoil H

Preformed Windings are a global leader in the supply of HV diamond coils. The latest HV coil specification launched to market is QualCoil H, the first class H resin rich coil specification in the world, developed over two years and 15,000 hours of R&D with a leading OEM and insulation supplier.

Rotary Engineering: Final Shape Winding Machine

This innovative machine made by Rotary Engineering UK using cutting edge manufacturing technologies was designed by our team to dramatically reduce production time. The Final Shape Winding Machine achieves this by winding coils straight to the finished shape in one operation. When put into use by our customer, the time for a set of coils was reduced from 7 hours down to just 2.

Sulzer: Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) Cell

Sulzer’s York Service Center has installed a laser metal deposition (LMD) cell to carry out complex repairs and upgrades for rotating equipment from any brand. Suitable for fabrication, repair, welding, and cladding with a wide range of materials and part geometries - LMD bypasses long lead times for expensive replacement components, improving the uptime for key infrastructure. It also reduces the carbon footprint of projects by allowing more components to be repaired than ever before.

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