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Product of the Year Finalists 2023

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ABB: IE5 SynRM Increased Safety Motor

ABB is the first in the world to deliver IE5 ultra-premium motor efficiency in explosive environments. Customers operating in hazardous area industries can now ensure safety and boost their energy efficiency by deploying motors that offer up to 40 percent lower energy losses compared to commonly used IE3 motors. This makes it the ideal upgrade choice for standard induction motors in pumps, fans and compressors for industries where explosive gas, vapor or dust might be present.

Megger: ADX

The Baker ADX automated static motor analysers from Megger offers a comprehensive set of tests for assessing the health of electric motors, for monitoring and analysing trends in motor condition, and for locating faults. The portable ADX analysers provide high voltage tests for surge, turn-to-turn partial discharge, insulation resistance, polarisation index, DC Hipot and step voltage tests, as well as low voltage tests for winding resistance, inductance and capacitance. 

Preformed Windings: QualCoil Life

QualCoil Life is Preformed Windings latest HV diamond coil specification. We believe service companies and end users should have an option for a HV coil specification that is so durable and dependable it can be offered with a 10-year warranty. QualCoil Life is designed for hydro generators and critical assets that cannot fail unexpectedly such as in the nuclear industry and essential manufacturing/processing applications.

Menzel: Pressurized Explosion Proof (EXP) Motors for Zone1

Customers that operate larger Motors in Hazardous Areas, typically refineries and chemical plants need to prevent ignitable gasses from entering operating machines. The Menzel system allows large Modular Motor operation in Zone 1 CACA or CACW, normally from 450mm frames and larger at all voltage ratings, combining Menzel’s well known flexibility, expertise and speed of response with the requirements for Zone 1 Operation. Custom built to site requirements and highest safety standards. Highly qualified staff ensure that Menzel can respond at very short notice: With EXP systems in stock readily adaptable and deployable at short notice this is a unique feature for a medium-sized motor manufacturer such as Menzel.

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