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Project of the Year Finalists 2022

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Houghton International: Wind Turbine Generator Repair and Upgrade

Grannell Community Energy owns and operates a refurbished Enercon E48 wind turbine, which failed in service after less than a year in operation. Houghton International carried out the repair and rewind of the 26-tonne direct drive generator, using reverse engineering expertise and over 35 years of cross-sectoral experience to extend the life and improve performance of the asset, helping Grannell meet their power generation targets and continue supplying renewable energy to the UK grid.

Preformed Windings: Project Hydro – Holter

Preformed Windings are thought leaders in the manufacture of high-quality HV diamond coils into the hydro industry. With a commitment to sustainability and net zero, Preformed Windings is supplying coils that increase the output of existing hydro generators, such as projects like Holter in the USA.

SDS Drives: Glassbusters

First founded in 2011, Glassbusters started out creating silent and convenient glass bottle crushing technology for the hospitality sector. SDS took a previously cumbersome and lengthy part of Glassbusters’ machine builds and simplified every aspect. Previously Glassbusters had to bring all the electrical components of their machines together and subsequently programme, wire and configure these themselves. Their builds took longer, required outside advice, which was often unavailable and was very costly, in money and staff time. SDS took all aspects into consideration and created an off-the-shelf solution which Glassbusters no longer must worry about. With SDS’s expertise, Glassbusters can guarantee consistency, quality, and safety with the electrical elements of their machines, which preside in some of the best venues in London’s hospitality scene. SDS are proud to play a part of this recycling project, working to the philosophy of ‘being part of the solution, not the problem’ when it comes to making the world cleaner and greener.

Sulzer: National Grid Project

The National Grid detected failing resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) on two Ex rated, 16 MW motors at gas booster stations in England. To secure Ex condition monitoring compliance, it approached Sulzer. As the motors were important for the UK’s gas supply network, repairing the 51 ton, six-phase synchronous units quickly was vital. Sulzer’s Birmingham Service Center carried out turnkey redesigns and rewinds on both motors, helping National Grid to provide reliable power to millions.

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