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Contribution to Skills & Training Finalists 2023

Sponsored by Sulzer


CovElec’s partnership with Leicester College aims to address the industry's pressing need for skilled engineers by preparing students for real-world challenges. With the T Level studies' 80/20 approach, students get a chance for blended learning coupled with industry placements, ensuring they acquire both knowledge and practical experience. Our engineering team at CovElec comprises seasoned professionals, many boasting over 40 years of experience in the field. These individuals are not only technically skilled but are also passionate mentors dedicated to fostering the next generation.

Hidrostal: Incorporating Avonmouth Engineering Services, Bedford Pumps & Hidrostal

One of the key components of Hidrostal’s success arises from our investment in people.  With a company philosophy of retaining talent by promoting from within we needed to ensure that we were upskilling our teams with the techniques to guide and shape the business. By utilising the Management Development Programme from Natwest Mentor we learnt how to transform personal strengths and characteristics into key management competencies, transforming our managers into world class leaders.

Ian Pattinson: The Faraday Centre

Ian, a devoted member of the Faraday Centre Limited for 23 years, began his engineering journey at

English Electric, honing his expertise before transitioning to impactful roles at British Steel.

Passionate about Power Distribution and Transformers, he later became a High Voltage lecturer

dedicating himself to safety and education globally. Ian’s legacy encompasses exceptional teaching,

consultancy and an enduring commitment to shaping engineers and fostering a safety driven

industry culture.

MKE Expert Training Day

MKE Engineering Group engaged in a supplier supported educational day to inform our customers on a number of sustainable initiatives. Our trusted partners are collectively leading the way in energy innovation.  Whether it be a new product or approach it is important that these technologies are shared with our customers. The benefits are being felt long after as we continue to engage with new and existing contacts to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Rotamec Engineering Solutions

At Rotamec, we believe in harnessing fresh talent, fostering it, and empowering the next generation of engineering professionals. Amidst the UK grappling with deficits in crucial sectors, notably Engineering, there's a pressing requirement to educate and equip the next generation. Rotamec have partnerships with local colleges and schools, as well as our own apprenticeship programme. Our goal is to equip students with the skills they need to not only thrive in our business but also make valuable contributions to the wider industry.

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