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TEC Motors

Since its formation in 2006 TEC has consistently grown at a rate of £1.5m per annum. Sales in excess of £20m are targeted for 2020.


Exceptional customer service is at the core of the company's beliefs.


TEC offers 24/7 availability and is constantly working with its loyal distributors and motor repair specialists endeavouring to constantly improve on its existing product portfolio with a more comprehensive stock range, including Geared Units, Mega Watt and KVA motors, Medium and High Voltage Machines, DC. Slip Ring, ODP along with their new addition of B56 rolled steel body fractional Nema style motors.


This is not all TEC have to offer, to view their comprehensive range of products visit their website. Total Engineering commitment to the service industry by providing out of hours support to their valued partners and numerous AEMT members makes TEC the electric motor supplier of choice for all your emergency breakdown needs.


Phone: (+44) 01299 252990

Fax: (+44) 01299 253597

Web site: http://www.tecmotors.co.uk/

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